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stone town doorStone Town is one of the few intact historical Swahili coastal trading towns of East Africa. Stone Town was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000. The tour includes the central market, Anglican Cathedral which stands on the grounds of the former slave market and national museum. En route you will see hundreds of carved doors, Tippu Tip House, the House of Wonders, the Old Fort (1700), the Palace Museum, the Mambo Msiige (‘the imitable thing’), the mosque at Malindi, Catholic and Anglican churches, the Hammamni baths (Persian baths), the former residence of the Sultan and princess Salme, the Maruhubi Palace Ruins and the Old British Consulate. A leisurely walk through the winding and narrow alleys and streets will take you to the small exotic bazaars and local curio shops.

Livingstone House gives visitors an insight into Zanzibar’s rich history, including the house in which Freddie Mercury the famous singer with the group “Queen” was born and grew up in.


dolphins in zanzibarThis excursion is located on the south coast of Zanzibar, at Kizimkazi. Visitors can board local dhows and venture out into the Indian Ocean in search of dolphins. On the way we will stop at a reptile park and a cave (Miza wa Miza) which contains fresh water; where it is believed that a woman was turned into stone, and the stone still stands in the fresh water to date. There are numerous tales of Sinbad and Alladin hunting for sharks. On this tour you can also go snorkeling. It is permissible to swim with the dolphins. They are gentle creatures, but one should always remember that they are not tame.

Upon returning from Kizimkazi you will pass by what is believed to be the first mosque in Zanzibar. It contains the Kufic scripts.

This tour combines well with the Jozani Forest Tour and the East coast tour.


spice tourSpices from Zanzibar are famous around the world. The sultan of Oman first introduced these kinds of plantations on the island in 1873. There are over 50 different varieties of spices and fruits to be seen. Depending on the season you will have an opportunity to taste many of them and be given explanations as to the local uses of the numerous spices for medicinal as well as cosmetic purposes. You will be overwhelmed by the abundance of botanical species growing in these gardens – exotic spices, fruits and vegetables.

En route to the spice farms you can also visit the old Sultan Rest House to view the Persian Baths built in 1850 by Seyyid Said bin Sultan (1st. Sultan of Zanzibar) for his wife Princess Shehzard.

Optional visits include: the Maruhubi Palace Ruins, the Persian Baths at Kidichi and Kizimbani.


red colobus monkeyJozani Forest is part of the “Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park”, a tropical natural reserve forming an important ecosystem. This nature reserve contains a mangrove forest.

The high, dense ground water forest is home to the endemic red colobus monkey, a very rare species indigenous to Zanzibar. The blue Sykes monkey, elephant shrews and bush babies are other animals to be seen. A variety of small birds can also be found here. The tour includes also a walk through the mangrove forest.

This Tour ends on the East Coast of Zanzibar in the Villages of Bwejuu, Jambiani and Paje near the beaches.

This tour combines well with the south coast dolphin tour and the east coast tour.


prison islandAccessible from Stone Town, ‘Prison Island’ also known as Chumbe Island can be reached by local dhow. It is famous for its prison (built in 1893), as well as its giant tortoises. This historical island was used for the confinement of slaves. The highlights of this tour are seeing the prison, seeing the tortoises, sunbathing on the beach and snorkeling.


safari blueLocated in Fumba south west of Stone Town, the highlights of this tour are Snorkeling, Dhow sailing and Island hopping. This tour includes:

• A visit to mangrove lagoon hidden inside Kwale Island, a swim through the protected mangroves at high tide.
• Climb the baobab tree and see some spectacular views from the top. Inside the hollow trunk, you are likely to find massive coconut crabs.
• Menai Bay has some naturally occurring sandbanks that make for a great place to laze in the sun or shade, swim, eat fresh coconuts and other snacks. Here you will also be able to see the dolphins (there are two types of dolphins: – Indo Pacific Humpback and Bottlenose)
• Enjoy a seafood barbeque on Kwale Island: – the barbeque includes fish, calamari and slipper lobster served hot from the grill. Then enjoy a tropical fruit tasting.

The above are the main Zanzibar excursions, but there are other excursion like visiting the turtle sanctuary that are available on request. Email Us for other Zanzibar Excursions.

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