‘Sayari’ is the Swahili word for universe or planet, capturing the vast plains and endless skies in which the camp is immersed. Sayari Camp was designed to strike the perfect balance between luxury and immersion in the extensive Serengeti. The camp was chosen as one of the “Special Places” in Africa by Africa Geographic.

Sayari Camp opened in June 2005 on the south bank of the famous Mara River in the northern Serengeti. This area has been almost untouched by tourists and even now, Sayari Camp is still the only permanent camp in the remote north-western Serengeti.

The reason why there are no lodges and camps in this area is because of its remoteness. Far away from the park headquarters in the central Serengeti, the land was subject to poaching in the 1990’s. However, an anti-poaching campaign has since ensured the land belongs to nature and its wildlife. Sayari Camp plays an important role in the long-term conservation of the area: people from villages bordering the Serengeti are employed in the camp and income from the camp goes towards educating and providing jobs for the villagers, thereby providing an alternative livelihood to poaching.

There is a spectacular concentration of wildlife year-round here and it is also famous for the Great Migration. In short, it is a fantastic wilderness area.

The 8 spacious guest tents blend perfectly into the majestic landscape. Each tent is beautifully designed with original and traditional cloth and furniture and has a king-size bed, en-suite bathroom and a private veranda with a comfortable couch, overlooking the Serengeti.

Public Areas
The dining area, lounge area and campfire create a perfect bush setting, with Africa as the backdrop. Far away from any other sign of human life, the Sayari Camp crew ensures that every guest feels at home in this remote location. Sayari Camp’s talented cook offer guests a fusion of European cuisine with authentic African elements.

The camp’s naturalist guides offer a wealth of knowledge on the wonderful surrounding land and its inhabitants.

The majestic landscape of the northern Serengeti is one of the best kept secrets of African safaris. Far from the tourist track, the area offers undisturbed exploration of the fantastic Serengeti National Park, with off-road driving still allowed in some parts. Endless rolling plains and riverine woodlands are home to lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant, large herds of antelope and many, many other animals. The stunning Mara River, filled with hippos and crocodiles, cuts through this land and hosts one of the greatest spectacles nature has to offer: the dramatic wildebeest crossings of the Mara River. Between mid July and November, the Great Migration typically visits the area and crosses the Mara River back and forth in search of green grass.

Spectacular Mara River crossings, off-road driving and endless landscapes overflowing with animals, and no humans to be seen, are some of the specialties of this remote and wild paradise. A bush breakfast observing thousands of migrating wildebeest and zebra is a majestic and most memorable experience.

Reading, dreaming, drawing, painting, writing and simply contemplating are just some of the activities that Sayari Camp invites you to partake in when in camp. Life just might appear in a different light when you return home after a stay at this enchanting camp.