Oliver’s Camp has one of the most wonderful settings one could imagine and offers an unparalleled bush experience. From the camp, a much wider eco-system can be overlooked: the Ngorongoro highlands, the Great Rift Valley, the Lame Manyara region and of course Tarangire National Park itself. There is no better location from which to understand the breathtaking beauty and at the same time the complexity and ultimate fragility of this unique eco-system. Oliver’s Camp is situated in the remote south-eastern part of the park, in the middle of Tarangire’s unspoilt wilderness.

The camp is ideally placed to access the yearly migrations of wildlife, and to view impressive concentrations at the waterholes and in the spectacular Silale swamps. This area offers the best chance of seeing lion, leopard and cheetah and, especially during the dry season, the swamps are filled with elephant, buffalo and zebra. The camp is the perfect base to explore the busier baobab-country in the north of the park, but at the end of the day, guests return to the absolute exclusivity of Oliver’s Camp.

Oliver’s Camp was started in 1992 as a small and intimate camp in Tarangire, aimed at offering its guests a deep and authentic African experience. The atmosphere of intimacy and a true bush experience prevail in this wonderful, small camp in the wilderness of Tarangire.

Having started just outside the national park, Oliver’s Camp moved into the Tarangire National Park in 2001. Although walking safaris were previously not allowed, the national park authorities have since allowed camp guests to walk inside the park. These walking safaris, accompanied by your guide and a park ranger, are still the specialty of Oliver’s Camp.

In 2004, the camp came under the management of Asilia Lodges & Camps.

The camp features only 8 beautifully furnished guest tents. The tent features, solid wooden furniture, beautiful cloth and offers gorgeous warm showers that can be taken under the Tarangire sky. Every evening, guests relax or read in the lounge and library tent, or drink sundowners at the fireplace, from which superb views of landscape and sunset can be enjoyed.

Oliver’s Camp’s crew has been together for many years and as a result, a stay in camp feels like becoming a part of a warm family. A family that will not only prepare amazing meals for you, but one that will also share with you a deeper knowledge of this stunning national park and its inhabitants. Naturalist guides will not only be able to find you the lion prides, but will also be able to tell you about the different family members of the lion prides, their characteristics and their habits. Walking safaris are the specialty of the camp, the depth of knowledge and experience of the camp naturalist guides makes the experience one to never forget. This research outpost from long gone times meets luxury and refined dining.

The range of activities on offer at Oliver’s Camp is unique for a camp inside a Tanzanian National Park. Off-road driving makes wildlife drives more intense and interesting and allows you to get closer to the action. Walking and fly camping add another unique element to a safari that is hard to find in other parts of Tanzania. The park’s stunning natural beauty is ideal for wildlife and nature photography.

Walking is the absolute specialty of Oliver’s Camp. The privilege of walking in these prime natural areas gives you an exhilarating feeling of adventure. Although you’ll usually get close to large mammals such as elephant, giraffe, buffalo or even lion, walking safaris are very safe: the experienced naturalist guides of Oliver’s Camp avoid confrontations with animals (watching is not the same as disturbing!) and an armed national park ranger accompanies every walk.

Walking safaris can take an hour or a whole morning or afternoon, but combined with fly camping, they can take several days, letting you discover the most remote parts of Tarangire. The light-weight fly camp is an extension of the main Oliver’s Camp. The fly camp is typically booked as part of a walking safari or simply as a completely private night away from the main camp. Tents are made of thick mosquito mesh, separating you from bugs, but allowing you to see skies filled with stars and passing animals at night. Fly Camping is about adventure, not luxury: beds are comfortable and the crew cooks amazing meals in the middle of the wilderness, but tents are simple, with outside shower and bathroom facilities. For those who appreciate the true luxury of close proximity to nature and the private, intense and overwhelming experience that fly camping is, this is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

The stunning beauty and richness of Tarangire’s nature and wildlife and the wide range of activities at Oliver’s Camp are best enjoyed by staying at least 2 nights. However, most guests prefer to stay for 3 to 5 nights, combining a stay in the base camp with exploratory walking adventures.