Lupita Island Lodge is the sole inhabitant of the remote unspoiled island of Lupita. It occupies 130 acres of previously uninhabited space; surrounded by water and not a tourist in site. The nearest lodge is located at least 170kms away.  It is located in Lake Tanganyika, one of the least polluted bodies of water in the world, holding 8% of the world’s fresh water.

Lupita Island Lodge is nestled in a cluster of small islands on Lake Tanganyika, the only island cluster on the lake.  It is 4km from the shore and the nearest mainland village, Kipili; 170km from Mahale Mountains National Park in the North and 140kms from the Zambian border in the south.

Lupita Island Lodge is accessible by air. There are scheduled charters twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. Private charters can be arranged at any time. It is just a short 15 minute boat ride from Lupita’s private airstrip on the mainland near the tiny fishing village of Kipili. Arusha is a 3 hour flight from Lupita. Dar es Salaam is approximately a 3.5 hour flight. From Katavi National Park to Lupita is 20 minutes by air and Mahale Mountains National Park is 35 minutes by air. To drive is a good two and a half days through some beautiful scenery but very remote areas, only for the very adventurous! The Lake Cruiser “Winsor Rose” can be hired for overnight trips between Mahale Mountains and Lupita. However, this greatly depends on the weather conditions and time of year and can be changed at the last minute without notice.

Lupita Island has 13 exquisitely crafted cottages with breathtaking lake and mountain views. The individual cottages are all open which ensures balmy breezes and memorable sunsets that will last a lifetime. They are all designed to be as comfortable and private as possible. They all have gracious living areas with bar, separate and spacious bedchambers, and large open verandas. All cottages have their own private plunge pool and sunning deck, hot waterfall showers and large outside baths. Two of the 13 cottages are the family cottages. The Livingstone and Stanley suites, both have an additional sleeping area and bathroom, and the option of private dining not forgetting the plunge pool.

Lupita Island Resort maintains a fully equipped gymnasium that overlooks the far horizon and miles of crystal clear water, perfect for those wanting a casual tone-up or an energizing full body workout. Top off exercise with a private massage at the wellness studio with the wonderfully experienced therapist. Relax by the main pool situated away from the main areas or just lie by your own pool in your cottage. A butler is on hand to see to all your needs.

Go hiking with a local guide, visit local fishing villages, or the ancient monastery on the mainland built in the 18th century by the Christian fathers. Pack a picnic lunch and go for a swim in the waters of beautiful Lake Tanganyika, go snorkeling at one of the Island’s many hidden coves or just simply relax. Island guides are available to escort you on a refreshing kayaking trip, for the more experienced we small sailing boats are available for use. Take a diving course with a highly experienced instructor. Enjoy a romantic sundowner on the grand old lady the “Winsor Rose.” Or go fishing on one of their speedboats fitted with all the modern fishing gear or with local fishermen with no technology except an oar and a hand line as they have done for centuries. Of course, relaxing with a good book and a cocktail is a wonderful option as well. Enjoy water sports.

Time to Travel
Lupita Island has its own unique ecosystem thus enabling the lodge to be open all year round. The temperature is wonderful and does not differ throughout the year. However, the rains normally occur from mid March to mid May and November into December. So although the rains at these times are not constant it is a good idea to take rain gear in case of being caught in a downpour for time to time.

Health & Safety
Guests are advised to take a malaria prophylaxis, as this is a malarial zone. Yellow fever is a requirement on entering Tanzania. Your official card will be checked. Good insect repellent and sunscreen is a must. While every care is taken to make sure that the guests are cared for in every way, guests are reminded that they are in a wildlife area and they must be alert and careful while traveling between rooms nothing should be taken for granted. Sticking to the pathways is very important. Guests are advised to pay a little extra of $30 towards an emergency evacuation service while staying at Lupita. Forms will be sent beforehand requesting any medication being used by guests plus allergies to certain foods and likes or dislikes plus any health problems. They will try to follow these requirements as much possible.

Children of all ages are all welcome. But a parent or guardian must always be on hand. Children up to the age of 3 years are free of charge. Children from 3 to 12 are @ 50% while sharing with an adult. Up to 2 children less than 12 years will be allowed to share with two adults. Please note that Lupita lodge is very vast and there are swimming pools at each cottage plus some wildlife so care must be taken that very young children are not left to roam around unaccompanied.

Communication from Lupita Island is on a satellite system. Limited access is available but they do not have the facility or the ability to have wireless. Connection is mainly for office use unless special requests are made. They also have limited phone signal for mobile phones.

Power supply
At the Island they use a 240V – 50 Hz generator to provide power. Plus battery inverter power when the generators are not in use. There is power in your suites 24 hours a day because of this system. As the power system is a delicate and vital part of the infrastructure of the lodge they do request that any unusual electrical equipment are approved by management before use. They do provide hairdryers for use in the rooms.

Water supply
All the water comes directly from the lake and is extremely clean. They have had it tested and it is actually up to International hotel standard as it is. However, they do not advise drinking from the taps. A system is being installed in the near future to cleanse all tap water for drinking. They are very careful not to use detergent soaps for both washing and hotel guests.

Additional payments
The rate paid prior to arrival includes:
Accommodation, food, alcoholic – and non alcoholic beverages, use of the kayaks, snorkeling, swimming, sailing, organized sundowners, local fishing. Not included are some specified activities such as half and full days fishing, diving, massages and treatments, some imported boutique wines and some spirits, some cognacs, champagne, Cuban cigars and telephone calls. Additional payments can be made in cash, by check or by Visa credit card.

Special requests
They can organize full weddings on the island. But as this is a complicated and time consuming exercise they do need at least 6 to 9mths preparation time for this service. They will then cater fully for the wedding on the island making it a wonderful experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. Other special occasions are catered for in very unique ways. They have the ability to organize requested entertainment, bringing in artists from all over the world if so requested. You can book the island on an exclusive use basis. With a fully inclusive price of all our facilities and activities. Including our private helicopter, specified entertainment and any special requests. They will do their utmost to facilitate your requirements. A wonderful way to get away from everything and everyone. They are remote enough that no one will find you!