You can book a suggested Itinerary from our website. These trips offer the convenience of a pre-set itinerary and a fixed price, with flexible scheduling. Travel dates are up to you.

We only organise private Safaris. This means that only you and your travel partner(s) will be in the tour. There will only be you in the transfers, the Safari vehicle and the tours. This gives you flexibility on sites to visit, places to stay and best places to locate your favourite animals.

If the above is not to your liking, you can start creating your own package from scratch and work with us to develop a totally customized itinerary and schedule. We are enthusiastically open to side trips, detours, special needs and special plans.

To confirm a booking we need an advance payment of 40% of the tour price, the remaining balance can be paid prior to arrival or upon arrival in Arusha, Tanzania, but prior to the start of your tour. Please note that we do not accept US$ notes issued before 2000!

Advance payment can be wired to our account in Tanzania. Regarding payment by credit card (Visa or Mastercard), facilities are limited. We therefore discourage credit card payments. However, if it is necessary to pay by card you will be surcharged 10% of the total amount paid. We consider the option of transfer through our bank account in Arusha more feasible. Please let us know the preferred mode of payment you consider so that we can avoid any inconvenience. Also you can make the advance payment by wire transfer and avail the rest on the arrival day in Tanzania before comencement of your holiday.

After receiving your advance payment (or the proof of payment by e-mail) we will start to book all services for you. After confirming all services we’ll get back to you with the confirmation voucher.

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