Visitors from most countries require a visa in order to enter Tanzania. All visitors can purchase a visa from the Tanzanian Diplomatic Mission in your country, or at the point of entry. You need a passport that is valid for at least half a year.If your purchase your visa at any of the points of entry into Tanzania, you will be required to pay 50 US$ cash. It is a 30 minutes procedure, but can take longer if there are many arrivals at a time. (Also see International Flights)

For More information on Visa, please click links to government websites – Tanzania and Kenya

NOTE: American citizens need to pay US$100, and get only a multiple entry visa (since September 2007)If you intend to fly to Nairobi and then travel on to Tanzania, remember that you may also require a multiple entry visa to enter Kenya, even if it is only for a few hours. The Visa for Kenya and Tanzania is 50 US$ per person for each country (except for American citizens, see above).