Chumbe Island Coral Park is a Marine Protected Area (MPA). The entire island is a natural reserve whose main focus is as a conservation and education project.  It is a prime example of eco tourism in the World, having collected awards in this respect. There are a number of activities that a visitor to the island can take part in, namely: – snorkeling through the shallow waters of the reef sanctuary, exploring the forest reserve, walk on the nature trails, view the historical monuments – Chumbe Lighthouse (built 1904) and the ruins, enjoy dinner in what used to be the lighthouse keeper’s house, which has been converted into a visitors centre. These are the features that make Chumbe Island Coral Park so unique.

Chumbe Island Eco Lodge is the only place to stay on the island. This lodge is absolutely eco-friendly in all aspects. It has only seven (7) bungalows that all overlook the sea. Each bungalow is equipped with Double/ Twin beds, Self contained bathrooms, Large Living Room.

The ‘eco- bungalows are built using ‘eco – architecture’ and eco – technology.’ Water is harvested from the rain, filtered and stored in underground tanks for use in bathing, et cetera. Water for bathing is heated using solar power. Water from showers is collected, filtered and used again in the plant beds. The toilets are composting toilets to avoid seepage from a sewer system into the reef. Lights are powered by panels on the roof. The open design of the bungalows allows for air circulation, i.e. natural air conditioning. The soaps used are organic and made by locals. Drinking water is provided for all using advanced filters (from Switzerland) thus no bottled water is required here. No artificial light at night along the walkways. Torches are provided for visitors.

Nature Trails
At low tide it is possible to walk around the entire island of Chumbe. Explore the mangroves, rock pools and sand banks at low tide. See the varieties of crab, shell fish, star fish and much more.

Forest Reserve
The forest reserve has developed a unique way of surviving in this environment. Unlike other plants that require ground water to survive, here they have devised a system of absorbing moisture from the humid atmosphere, while others are able to store water for up to 6 months which they collect during the rainy seasons.

The Reef
This bio-diverse reef is a Marine Protected Area. It is the breeding ground for fish, coral and other marine life.

Education Programme
This programs aim is to create environmental awareness in a very practical way. They invite school groups and other interested people to explore the reef and learn about preserving it.