Bawe Tropical Island is an island not bigger than a football pitch. A beautiful island that takes the breath away; acres of lush haven so skillfully done that you will think it all happened naturally. Arrival at Bawe is something truly unforgettable; a spectacular private island, a haven of peace, silence and cut off from the madding outside world. Bawe Tropical Island is the perfect setting for those escaping on a romantic breakaway.

Lie on the beach, relax … time isn’t important on this island. Forget about time while enjoying the warm waters of the Indian Ocean whilst having a cold drink in the driftwood hippy bar, the Robinson Crusoe, on the beach…

Lying just 5 miles from Zanzibar’s mystical Stone Town, Bawe is truly a dream island, a slice of pure happiness; everything is easy here, in this natural paradise between sea, sun and sky…

Bawe Tropical Island has 15 magnificent cottages discreetly scattered along the beach line, all of them with panoramic views of the clear waters of the Indian Ocean, ensuring maximum privacy and seclusion.

The cottages are situated to make them feel like a part of the surrounding landscape. They are built from local traditional materials and topped with thatched roofs, allowing the invigorating sea breeze to circulate and affording a cool atmosphere, day and night.

The spacious cottages host magnificent dhow-type beds equipped with mosquito nets. The tasteful interiors, known as ‘los colores’ given their warm combination of soft colors (greens, yellows, oranges, grape fruit), are elegantly decorated and they all contain en suite bathrooms, each with a double basin, 2 al fresco showers and a bathtub.

The large private wooden verandahs overlooking the ocean give an impression of living outdoors, with air remaining mild all year round.

Fresh fish and seafood, “catch of the day”, that the local fishermen will bring right up to you when lying on your beach bed. International cuisine is also available.

Witness the magical African sunset, while sipping delicious cocktails on the Sunset Deck, or dream about staying here forever, far from the hectic life, under the stars, on the Baobab Deck.

Bawe Tropical Island is ideal for those looking to escape a hectic lifestyle. The island possesses all the alluring dreams of isolation, of remoteness, of getting away from it all.

There are many things that you cannot find on the island; these things serve no purpose – no television, no shoes, no news… For those who are seeking seclusion, as far as possible, from overcrowded schedules, no other paradise is more enchanting, where refinement is combined with so much poetry and imagination.

Dreamers will lie on the beach or by the fresh water swimming pool, basking in the sun, without a care in the world…

Just remove your shoes, as is custom, and accompany that by wearing a ‘kikoy’ (african wrap). There is no dress code here; the only trend is to wander barefoot.

The resort is so quiet and isolated; you will think of it as your own private paradise; the beach belongs just to you and the ghost crabs. If you like romantic unspoiled beaches… Bawe is the place.

Relax on the beach, whilst pampering yourself with a massage and a delicious cocktail. Relax, forget about the madness of the day-to-day life. That is the main activity at Bawe Tropical Island.